Annual Dinner

The 112th Annual Dinner will be held on Thursday 30th October at the Millennium Hotel, 44 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 2HP. The Guest of Honour is Admiral Sir James Eberle GCB ex Vice Admiral of the United Kingdom and Chairman of the Association of Harriers and Beagles. He is a most distinguished countryman.

Next year the Savoy is due to re-open in May after a major restoration. The Annual Dinner is programmed for Wednesday 28th October 2009 but will be restored to the last Thursday the following year (28th October 2010). Last year we had 202 members, a figure which we hope to beat to avoid paying extra charges.

Applications must reach the Secretary’s office by 21st October. The cost of the dinner is £72.00. Once again any member or guest aged 35 or under will pay a reduced charge of £50.

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