Newsletter December 2010

First of all I would like to say how honoured I am to have been appointed as Secretary to take over from Tim. He had a very fitting send off in October and I know that he was most touched by all the kindness and generosity you all had shown him over the years. I am delighted to say that he has been made an Honorary Life Member of the Club so will continue to attend the various events.

  I very much look forward to my new role and have been made to feel very welcome by all those that I have met to date.


You will have noticed from above that the Club’s email address has recently changed to secretary [at] flyfishersclub.org.uk  (Note: the address is shown this way to prevent it being flooded by Spam).

Please use this from now on as the old address has been discontinued. It would be a great help if I could have as many of your email addresses as possible.

Please could you all send me an email to the Club’s new address.

This way I will have yours automatically (and won’t have to type 600 odd into the computer at this end!).

 Club Forum – ‘My Fishing Experiences’

The Club’s website has now been running for a year and has started to become the main means of communication between the Club and the Members. There are regular news updates posted on it and those who have not yet registered are strongly encouraged to do so soon. The site is www.flyfishersclub.org.uk.

The website will be expanded in the New Year to include a Members’ Forum. This will require you to register as it will only be visible to Members. The forum will allow you to share any fishing experiences you have had with other Members, ask the membership for any tips that others may have if you are fishing somewhere new or perhaps find other Members who might like to make up a fishing party with you.

 Our Dining Room

Members may not realise that the Flyfishers’ receives no share of the revenue taken for any catering in the Club, this all goes to the Savile Club. After consultation with the Savile it has been agreed that a cover charge of £2.50 will be added to all meal bills in the Club and this revenue will go directly to the Flyfishers’. Further more the Savile have kindly agreed to match this amount from their own funds. So in future every time you lunch at the Club, we will now receive £5 towards our income.  You may recall that in the President’s letter in March 2010 he referred to our dependence on subscription income so this additional income will be a welcome addition to the Club’s revenue.

 Subscription Rates

Please see the separate sheet detailing the new rates for 2011. As you all know the rate of VAT is increasing from January by 2.5% and this will need to be reflected in the new rates. If you do not pay by direct debit and wish to, please contact me for the relevant form. Otherwise please send a cheque for the appropriate amount by 1st January. Direct debit payments will be actioned on 4th January 2011.

Fishing Auction

The annual Fishing Auction raises much needed funds for the Club’s reserves. Last year a total of over £5,800 was raised. The Club is always most grateful to those Members who offer their fishing and will be delighted to welcome any new lots. The form for those who might be able to offer some fishing is enclosed. Please can this be returned by noon on Friday 14th January. The plan will be to do as much of the auction as possible by using email. Details of the available auction lots will be sent out on Wednesday 26th January to those offering fishing, those who have bid in the past, all new Members who have joined in the last three years and everyone who has sent their email address to the Club. Anyone wishing to be added to this list should contact me, preferably by email, by Friday 21st January.

 The Garrick Rod 60th Anniversary Dinner

There will be a joint dinner between our club and the Garrick Club on Thursday 7th April at the Garrick. This will be held to mark the 60th anniversary of our presentation to the Garrick Club of David Garrick’s fishing rod. This gift was made to thank their members for providing hospitality when our clubhouse was demolished during the war. Full details and an application form will be sent with the February Newsletter.

 Wild Trout Trust Auction

The WWT will be holding another auction at the Club following the success of last year’s one. This will be on Tuesday 5th April and held in the Savile Ball Room. All Members and their quests are most welcome to attend. Full details will be sent out in February.

 Winter Talks

The first Winter Talk on Wednesday 26th January will be given by Mr Tarquin Millington-Drake on ‘If you could only fish one river’. Mr Morten Harangen will give an illustrated talk on ‘19th Century Salmon Anglers and their adventures on Norwegian Rivers’ on Wednesday 23rd  February. The third Winter event takes place on Wednesday 23rd March and will be given by Mr Christopher Knowles on ‘A quaint history of Derbyshire flyfishing’. The application form is enclosed.

 West Country Dinner

The tenth West Country Dinner will take place on Friday 18th March at the Arundell Arms, Lifton, Devon. www.Arundellarms.co.uk It will follow the similar lines as the last dinner (black tie) and will cost £65 per  head. Members may bring guests (including ladies) but should contact the Secretary if they wish to bring more than one. The application form is enclosed.

Summer Party

The Summer Party will be held at Itchen Stoke Mill, Alresford on Sunday 26th June (by kind permission of Roger and Victoria Harrison). Please put the date in your diary – details will follow in February.

 Spring Rummage Sale

This will take place on Wednesday 20th April. Application forms will be sent out in February. Members may like to include in this sale any items that will be useful for the coming season and use the December Sale for any collectable items.

 Champagne for Sale

The Club has managed to secure some stocks of Ayala Champagne NV at a very reasonable price. Ayala is owned by the Bollinger Champagne House so comes with a real pedigree. You may try it in the Club before placing your order and see for yourself. Members may order bottles for collection from the Club at £21 per bottle. Please ring me to place your order (020 7629 5958). At this stage it is not possible to arrange delivery.

 New Members’ Cocktail Party and Dinner

This took place on 24th November and was another friendly evening, 26 attended including 12 new Members.

 Young Members’ Dinners

Three have been held this year with guest speakers from the world of fishing. James Kalbassi (jkalbassi@paragonbrokers.com) and Charles Napier have arranged these with great success. Any members not yet on their list please contact James. The next dinner will be on Thursday 10th March.

 Savile Club

The Savile Club has excellent facilities and delicious food. Members are encouraged to take advantage of them if they are planning any big events beyond the capacity of the Flyfishers’ Club. The Savile’s Drawing Room can handle dinner for 60 and the Ballroom 100. The Elgar Room (next door to the Flyfishers’) can be used for lunches or dinners up to a maximum of 20. In August the Ball Room was completely redecorated including re-gilding and looks truly magnificent. Please do have a look at it when next in the Club. For further details please contact the Savile reception (telephone 020 7629 5462). Michael James, the Savile Head Chef, continues to impress everyone with his very high standards. Remember the Savile also has 17 bedrooms which you may take advantage of if you need to stay overnight. These have now all been redecorated to a high standard and many of the original features restored. Members may also use the Savile’s Dining Room for lunch (particularly when entertaining a lady) and dinner.

 Annual Dinner

The 114th Annual Dinner was held on 28th October back at the Savoy Hotel and was attended by 233 Members and guests. The Guest of Honour was Loyd Grossman who kindly entertained us with a selection of his anecdotes. Alastair Collett dressed the fly and the President presented it. It was appropriately named ‘Grossman’s Recipe’. We were also honoured to have the President of the Anglers’ Club New York, John Mundt, and the eminent fishing artist Christopher (CD) Clarke attending the dinner.  They very kindly presented to the Club two paintings, by CD Clarke, of Beaverkill Bridge on the Catskills and of Time Waster’s Corner on the River Itchen to mark our 125th anniversary. The date for next year’s dinner, at the Savoy, is Thursday 27th October 2011.  

 Club Closure

This year the Club will close on Thursday 23rd December and will re-open on Tuesday 4th January.


Fernanda Ribeiro has worked tirelessly as our steward over the last year and continues to offer a warm, friendly welcome to all those who visit the Club. Regular users of the Club who might like to contribute to the staff bonus this Christmas are welcome to do so. Cheques should be made out to the Flyfishers’ Club.

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