Video: First River Tay Salmon 2011

The capture and safe release of this superb 20 pound early spring salmon upstaged a hapless John Swinney MSP, who tried unconvincingly to cast with a fly rod into the River Tay at Dunkeld for the attendant TV cameras.

Opening ceremonies took place up and down the river, with the main ones here at Kenmore and in Dunkeld. As usual, there were more kilts than kelts and a splendid array of Tweeds, Barbours and everything in between. Sadly, the rapidly rising river put paid to most anglers’ chances.

This superb springer hopefully wins for its captor, Lee Conway from Glasgow, the Ian Redford Trophy for the heaviest opening day fish caught and returned safely to the river. We’ll know for sure in tomorrow’s papers.

Once the waters recede and settle back to a good fishing height, there is no doubt that more of these superb spring fish will come to the rods.

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