More Fishing Offers from Members

Please see below the latest fishing offered by other Members. Members are requested to make contact direct and not through me at the Club.

For next week  –

There is some last minute prime fishing available for next week (w/c 18th July 2011) on the River Lochy – http://www.sportinglets.co.uk/riverlochy.htm
There are 3 rods available at a cost of £632.50 per rod for the week.

Should you be interested in booking, please contact Laura Mackay on Direct Dial: 01738 456082, Email: laura.mackay@ckdgalbraith.co.uk

For August –

August dates which have become available at Bywell.

These are as follows: w/c 29th August @ £200 per rod per day


29th, 30th & 31st August – 4 Rods     

Accommodation in Sod Hall – £1,000 plus VAT

Should this be of interest please Susan Goodwillie on 01738 451600 or email susan.goodwillie@ckdgalbraith.co.uk

For September –

I have been advised that rods have become available for later in the season at Bywell.

The dates are as follows :-

1st, 2nd & 3rd September  – 8 Rods @ £200 + VAT per Rod, per day


8th, 9th & 10th September – 2 rods @ £200 + Vat,  per rod, per day.

For October –

24th, 25th & 26th October – 4 rods @ £200 + Vat,  per rod, per day.


Please let Susan Goodwilie know if any of these dates would be of interest to you.

Direct Dial : 01738 456091 Telephone : 01738 451600 Email : susan.goodwillie@ckdgalbraith.co.uk

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  1. You need to be fit to fish Bywell and not mind a very rocky bottom to wade on, also there are only two ghillies between eight rods, so do not expect too much help and guidance as they are thinly spread but very willing. I tried it last year, and found it difficult, but a fitter younger person who is happy to wade in difficult conditions could well enjoy it.

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