Atlantic Salmon Trust Conference

Members may be interested to learn that there will be a conference on the lives of Atlantic Salmon at sea, which will take place at Fishmongers Hall, London Bridge, on Tuesday the 13th of December.  This is arranged by the Atlantic Salmon Trust. Jeremy Paxman, a keen flyfisher, has been invited to open the conference.

The conference is aimed at owners, managers and ghillies/guides of salmon rivers, as well as the well-informed fly fisherman.The reason why it might appeal to members is that the information, presentations and discussions on the day will all be brand new scientific data from a major, multi-national research project, part funded by the AST, with contributions from 9 countries. Any salmon fisherman should be interested because the new information will start to explain why so many fewer salmon are returning to our rivers than only 30 years ago. More importantly, the conference will also start to explore what fishery managers can do to maximise natural reproduction and protect fragile populations.

Full programme details and booking form is available via this website: www.atlanticsalmontrust.org/oceansilver

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