iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Fishing ‘App’

Members may have seen this review by Morgan Jones in the Winter Edition of the  Journal. In case you missed it please find a copy of it below.

An Encyclopaedia of Fishing Flies, (Harper Collins, £2.99) Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

I hope our members are familiar with the concept of an ‘app’ for an ‘iphone’. If you are not then you may struggle with the following review! I just about manage to keep up with such technology trends and it is a pleasing to see that Harper Collins have developed an app for the fly fishing market. An Encyclopaedia of Fishing Flies is an elegantly designed print book that has been translated to an iPhone application. It contains over 1000 flies including high-resolution pictures, tying recipes and the history of flies. In addition, there are chapters on the history of fly fishing as it relates to flies, and a fun quiz to test your fly fishing knowledge. The outstanding feature is the quality of the photography and the ability to zoom in for a close-up look – which should prove a great aid when tying a new pattern. Another useful feature is the search facility by name, category of fly, or author. Once you have found a fly of interest you can view the recipe, history, tying tips and some information on fishing techniques.

The strengths of this app are its convenience and ease of use. Having such a wealth of information at your fingertips will prove extremely useful when trying to identify a new pattern, or to settle a debate on the origins of a classic fly. It is also a very welcome distraction when killing time waiting for a train – or an evening rise. The content and function of the app can be updated from iTunes and hopefully Harper Collins will continue to add new flies and features in future. In terms of improvements, it would be very clever if the app could synchronise with other applications such as weather forecasts or GPS, and then recommend suitable flies based on an analysis of location, weather and time of year. Also, it is currently only available for the iPhone or iPad, so I do encourage them to develop an Android version in the near future.

In conclusion, this app is excellent value for money for such rich content and stylish design. I would certainly recommend it to my fellow members.

Morgan Jones

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