Fario Club visit to Lewis

I’m writing at the request of Laurent Sainsot, president of the International Fario Club in Paris, to let you know about the IFC’s plans for a week’s fishing, plus shooting for those interested, on Lewis in the week beginning Saturday 25th August 2012.

Laurent has booked accommodation for 28 individuals (21 rods plus 7 non-fishing partners) in the Borve House Hotel www.borvehousehotel.co.uk.

He has 19 firm or probable rods from the Fario Club, the Flyfishers Club, the Anglers Cub of New York, the München Gesplißte (Munich Split Cane Club), the Österreichische Fischerei Gesellschaft (Austrian Fishing Club) in Vienna and the Fario Friends of Tokyo.

There’s room for two more rods, one with a non-fishing partner and one without.

The two rods are offered on a first come first served basis with preference for shooting people and at least one younger member.

Borve House has reserved a number of rooms, some in the main hotel and some in three adjacent chalets. Most of these rooms are already taken. The remaining rooms are as follows:

· in the main hotel there is one deluxe double bedroom for £180 per night for a couple

· in the chalets there is one double bedroom for £150 per night for a couple which could also be booked by an individual who is not sharing for £130 per night. There is also one bed remaining in a twin bedded room (ie sharing with one other person) for £95 per night for one person.

Rates are full board and include breakfast, packed lunch, dinner with house wine and the IFC organisation’s small fee.

Laurent says:

If you want to bring and share a couple of your beloved bottles of Chambertin or Petrus, corkage will be £5.

The hotel provides a minivan to give a lift to the rods, and we will hire a driver to chauffeur the ladies around, to visit McLeods graves, Tarbert tweed warehouse, Uig sand beach, Callanish stones, Stornoway nightlife, whatever…sorry Brad Pitt is not available, nor is Nick de Toldi. A sea trek to St Kilda, weather permitting, and a tour of the Isle are also on the table

We will fish the rivers Barvas, Creed, Gress, Carloway, the lochs of Garynahine, the river & loch of the red system, depending on availability, and we might get rods on various neighbouring estates.

Please contact Laurent Sainsot, (not the Club) on  laurentsainsot@wanadoo.fr

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