Offer of Fishing in Russia RYNDA PARTY

Fishing in Russia.RYNDA PARTY week commencing Sat 30 June (travelling out via Finland on 29 June).

A party with some Members from the Flyfishers’ Club is going to Rynda for this week and there is one vacancy.

This is one of the two or three prime weeks of the season.

Until last year the Rynda and Kharlovka were run by Peter Power and many of you will have seen the film which reflects Peter’s extraordinary achievements.

Eight English speaking rods are going (including Roger Harrison, Colin Humphreys and Peter Cresswell from the FFC).The new owner will be there with 3 guests.

The number of rods has been reduced to 12 and the guides have stayed on.

We are hoping that a member of the Club will join us!

If you are interested please email p.cresswell@btinternet.com

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