Fly-Tying Classes 2014

I am delighted to advise you that Charles Jardine has offered to carry on the fly-tying class from this year.

The classes will be held once a month, on a  Monday evening, on the dates shown below. They will start at 6.30pm and there will be a break midway for sandwiches. Charles has very kindly donated his time and the only cost will be £10 per evening to cover the sandwiches (payable on the night). Jacket and tie are not required.

These evenings are open to all levels of expertise and you may attend as many as you like.

It is vital that you book in advance as places are limited each evening to 8 Members

Introduction and syllabus by Charles:

One of the corner stones to our Club is fly tying; the catalyst for debate, creative flair and deadly piscine intent. This rich legacy was resurrected by the Late Peter Lapsley only very recently. I am deeply honoured to continue the programme that he so effectively started.

Of course, the evenings will be different; how could you possibly follow Peter. Thus, I am going to broaden both the “reach” and the concept of what we do at the vice and hopefully appeal to fly fishers of all levels and all disciplines, and do so on an atypical seasonal basis.

So to start

Monday 20th of January.

  1. Early season dry flies.
  2. Stillwater Nymph
  3. Early season Salmon patterns for “big” water.

(I will provide all the materials for the evening and we can have a donations box for those used and taken away)

 Monday 24th of February.

(guest Fly dresser Lee Hooper)

  1. Designs on a Mayfly
  2. Bonefish patterns
  3. Bottle Tubes  

Monday 17th March

  1. Small dry flies for fussy fish
  2. Bass Patterns
  3. Low water salmon/ sea trout

 Monday 14th April

  1. Favourites
  2. Over to you Fly dressing Q&A.

Class dismissed.   Fish!