Library Wants List

This page lists some of the gaps in our Library which the Committee would like to fill.

Some titles are not particularly rare, but we would be very grateful if a Member had a copy on his own shelves which he would be willing to donate to the Club. Please do get in touch with the Secretary or Librarian if you think you can help with any of the following books. Thank you!


(Revised pro tem November 2013)

Author Title Date
Amateur Angler On a Sunshine Holiday (Ltd ed of 250) 1897
Aston Mostly About Trout 1921
Bickerdyke et al How to Buy Fishing Tackle 1880’s?
Bradley Yorkshire Angler’s Guide (any early ed.) 1893-6
Bryden Trout Fishing in Norway. 1930’s?
Bullock Old Bullock’s Artificial Trout Flies 1885
Calderwood Salmon! Experiences & Reflections 1938
Doveton A Fisherman’s Fancies 1895
Dunne (Hi-Regan) How & Where to Fish in Ireland (early edition) 1886 et al
Englefield Dry-fly Fishing for Trout etc. 1908
Ensom (Faddist) Dry-fly Fishing for Coarse Fish 1923?
Dry-fly Fishing for Chub, Roach, etc. 1946
Fallon Fly-fishing for Irish Trout 1983
Falkus The Stolen Years. (1st  only.) 1965
Ferguson Fishing Incidents & Adventures 1893
Fleming Reminiscences of a Local Angler 1927
Francis Angler’s Register – 1st issue 1858
Gallichan Practical Hints on Angling 1904
Lake Vyrnwy and Around 1909
Fishing Waters & Quarters in Wales 1916
Graham, JM To Catch a Fisherman 1984
Hill, F Salmon Fishing: The Greased Line 1948
Hill, NE A Fisherman’s Recollections 1944
Hughes The Art of Salmon Fishing 1910?
More About Salmon Fishing 1911?
John Fly Fishing on the Usk 1968
Johnson, S Fishing From Afar 1947
Kennedy, M Dry Fly & Nymph Fishing in Ireland 1962?
McEwan Angling on Loch Lomond 1980
McLaren, M A Singing Reel 1953
Menzies Salmon Fishing 1935
The Stock of Salmon 1949
Monilaws Mr Stewart’s Worm Tackle; Its Worth 1867
Muirhead Hints on Trout Fishing 1928
Murdoch More Light on Salmon 1923?
[Oliver] Angling Memories of Scotland 1935
Pennell, HC Spinning Tackle 1862
Fishing … I. Salmon & Trout (Ltd: 250) 1885
Fishing … II. Pike & Coarse Fish (Ltd: 250) 1885
Modern Improvements in Fishing Tackle 1887?
Platts Angling Done Here! 1897
Betwixt Ling & Lowland 1901
Pooll Some Globe-Trottings With a Rod 1937
Rabley Devonshire Trout Flies 1913?
Robertson, J Angling Streams & Angling Quarters 1859
Rolt, LC Dry-Fly Fishing & How to Succeed (booklet) 1939?
Sheringham An Angler’s Hours 1905
Trout Fishing Memories & Morals 1920
Sixty-One Reminiscences of the Lews 1871/3
Stewart, RN Running Silver 1952
Stewart, WC A Caution to Anglers 1871
Stoddart Songs & Poems 1839
Stuart Sea Trout & Sea Trout Fishing (booklet) 1930s?
Swarbrick & Sagar List of Wharfedale Flies (pamphlet) 1907
Tod, SM Trout Fishing in the Isle of Man 1865 et al
Wood, I Out From Balmaha 1947
Loch Lomond and Its Salmon 1954

The Fishing Gazette

Members will know that the Club owns a nearly complete run of the ‘FG’ from its inception in 1877 to its demise in 1966. We have very few gaps, but of course we would love to fill those we have. Can any Members help with any of the 6-monthly volumes we are missing from the 1939-45 period?

 CXX (120)       – Jan-June 1940

CXXIII (123)   – July-Dec 1941

CXXV (125)    – Jan-June 1943

CXXVI (126)   – July-Dec 1943

We are also rather light on the final three years of the magazine, 1964-66.


It is not only the Library that is being catalogued and developed for the benefit of Members and serious researchers. A great deal of effort is also going into arranging and conserving our outstanding historic collection of trout and salmon flies, and other parts of our collection.

Should any Members have interesting examples of early flies or flies by well-known tiers, the Club would always be pleased to offer them a safe home. In fact any offers of historically important fly-fishing artifacts will be enthusiastically accepted by John Knott, our Curator.

David Beazley, Club Librarian