Flyfishers’ Journal

Perhaps surprisingly in a Club with so many literary founding Members, a full 27 years elapsed before the first issue of the Flyfishers’ Journal was published in April 1911.

In the first issue of the Journal, the Editor R.B. Marston described its objectives as “a mirror in which are to be reflected the thoughts and activities of the Members of the Flyfishers’ Club as anglers, and provide a permanent and authentic record of the papers and lectures given at the Club… Correspondence on fishing matters will be inserted, and no opinion will be considered too advanced and no theory too bold, so long as it is understood and remembered that the Editor is not responsible.”

More recently, our late Editor Peter Lapsley suggested that the Journal’s purpose resembled the BBC’s charter – to inform, educate and entertain the Members of our Club. As such, it is also the Members of the Club who make the Journal such a widely-respected, handsomely-produced and highly collectable in-house publication.

Published twice a year, in Summer and Winter issues, it is written very largely by our fellow Members, many of whom are amongst the most practised and skilful flyfishers and fishing writers in the world.

Members can also download electronic versions of the current issue of the Journal, and some previous issues, by clicking here.

Non-members of the Club are able to subscribe to the Journal for £25 per year (plus postage): click here to download a subscription form

The Peter Lapsley Award

In order to commemorate Peter Lapsley’s many years of service as Editor, and to continue to encourage the high literary values which he promoted so enthusiastically through the Journal, the General Committee has announced the inauguration of a literary award in his honour. Click here to find out more.