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Membership & Benefits



Membership of the Club is by invitation only and on the recommendation of two existing Members. Candidates are also asked to visit the Club and to meet a member of the Committee before their application goes forward to the General Committee for consideration.

Membership Benefits

Members of the Flyfishers’ Club are part of a history and tradition that goes back to the founding of the Club in 1884 and beyond. Today our Members benefit from a wide range of facilities to help them develop their interests in fishing and the opportunity to enjoy the companionship of their fellows in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere:

  • Club Events: including our monthly Club Dining Night, Winter Talks, new Members’ cocktail parties, regional and international dinners, an Annual BBQ, our Summer Party, our black tie Annual Dinner, and a Christmas Lunch in the Savile Ballroom
  • Dining: Members and their guests dine together on a single table for lunch and dinner, enjoying high quality food and an excellent wine list provided at Club prices
  • Overnight Accommodation and Room Hire: well appointed single and double bedrooms on our Mayfair premises are available at competitive rates, while our Dining Room may be booked for private functions
  • Young Members Section: our young Members are encouraged to join this group which organises social and educational events as well as fishing on the ever-popular Mayfly Weekends
  • Publications: two copies of the Flyfishers’ Journal, a record of the Club since 1911 which is still very largely written by Club Members to inform and entertain their fellow Members, are published each year. The Club’s Newsletter is also circulated regularly, and current editions of the leading flyfishing magazines are kept on the reading table
  • Library and Artefacts: the Club’s important collections of literature, memorabilia and natural flies preserved under glass are the basis of our Members’ commitment to preservation, education and research in flyfishing and its related fields. These are working collections available to all Members
  • Fly Tying: our fly-tying cabinet contains tools and materials for Members to use when they wish, and a programme of lessons each winter is generously led by one of angling’s leading personalities
  • Education and other Clubs: each year a number of school flyfishing groups are invited to visit the Club and see our collections, while we are pleased to host joint social events with other longstanding clubs and societies
  • Savile and reciprocal clubs: the Savile Club kindly makes its dining and other facilities available to our Members (click link) while we have reciprocal arrangements with other leading members’ clubs in the UK and overseas
  • Discounts and Membership Offers: Members benefit from discounts the Club has agreed with several of the UK’s leading flyfishing retailers including Farlows, Orvis and John Norris

Process for Proposing and Seconding a candidate for election to The Flyfishers’ Club

In addition to completion of the Application Form by the candidate, the Membership Sub-Committee will consider the following before placing a candidate on the Waiting List:

  1. A letter of support from each of the Proposer and Seconder in which they set out;

(a)   the candidate’s interest in the art of fly-fishing

(b)   their personal knowledge of the candidate in which they are to indicate how well they know him and that he is suitable for membership based on their own knowledge of the culture and character of the Club. For example, the Membership Sub-Committee would be interested to know how long Sponsors have known their candidate, what fishing interests they share, why the candidate would make a good Member of the Club and any other salient points that they feel would help in forming a picture of the candidate.

  1. Proposers and Seconders are required to bring their candidate into the Club, for either lunch or dinner on a mutually convenient date and introduce him to a member/s of the Membership Sub-Committee.

Prospective Proposers are welcome to discuss their candidate with a member of the Membership Sub-Committee before submitting their candidate’s application.

During the application process candidates are also encouraged to attend at least one Club event with their sponsors and where possible introduce him to members of the Membership Sub-Committee or General Committee.

Waiting Time:

Once candidates have completed the application process satisfactorily, they will be placed on the ‘Waiting List’ by the Membership Sub-Committee. In order to maintain an appropriate balance of categories of members the Membership Sub-Committee may from time to time prioritise the applications of some candidates.

Elections will be conducted by the General Committee three times a year, in winter, spring and autumn. The number of candidates considered on each occasion will depend on the number of vacancies that exist at that time.