Subscription Rates

The Club’s Membership subscription rates for 2017, and relevant rules relating to them, are as follows:

1. The Flyfishers’ Club is constituted as a social club for gentlemen interested in the art of flyfishing and for the study and furtherance of subjects and issues of interest to flyfishermen.  It shall be a private members’ club owned by its Ordinary Members and Honorary Life Members.

2. No candidate under the age of 18 qualifies for membership

3. Entrance Fees

(a) Candidates under 30 years of age – Nil

(b) Candidates aged 30 to 35 years (50%) – £250

(c) Candidates aged over 35 years – £500

Town Member: any Member resident in London or whose place of work is in London, no matter where he resides, or who lives within 50 miles of Charing Cross.

Country Member: any Member whose usual place of residence is situated more than 50 miles from Charing Cross and whose place of work is not in London.

Overseas Member: those who on election are resident outside Great Britain, the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland or the Channel Isles, or those Members who intend to reside abroad for more than 12 months.

4. Subscription Rates: (includes Journal subscription)

(a) Members under 30 years of age pay half the relevant subscription

(b) The rates are:

Town Member           £660

Country Member       £480

Overseas Member      £430

(c) New Members elected before the first day of July in any year shall pay the full subscription at the appropriate rate for that year.  New Members elected in July, August or September of any year shall pay a subscription at the rate of one-half the amount which would otherwise be payable.  New Members elected in October, November or December of any year shall pay a subscription at the rate of one-quarter of the amount which would otherwise be payable.

(d) Members having reached the age of 65 and having 25 years consecutive membership shall from following 1st January be eligible for a reduction in the above annual subscription rates:

£490 (Town), £358 (Country), £323 (Overseas)

5: Proposals for Membership: Candidates for membership shall be proposed by one Member and seconded by another, each of whom shall vouch in writing from their personal knowledge for the fitness of the candidate” (Rule 8). It is the Committee’s wish that all candidates visit the Club and, via the Secretary, are asked that they make arrangements to be introduced to a member of the Committee before applying for membership.

The proposal form and full supporting letters should be sent to the Secretary.

(All rates quoted include VAT)